It is extremely difficult to tell about the Order in a concise manner both in time and in volume of the magazine. But we will try.
As written in the Statute, the Sovereign Knight’s Order of Christ the Savior is a voluntary, non-political, independent, self-governing, united and indivisible International NGO. The Order is created on the basis of unity of interests in order to achieve the joint realization of the members of the Order of their rights, freedoms and interests. The Order is a source of honor.
Such a definition of the Order as far as possible determines its essence and goals. In order to reveal this definition as widely as possible, it is necessary to grasp the internal organization and get acquainted with its structure and ideological principles.
First of all, the Order is the Peace and Military-Spiritual Organization of the elite of the nation. Which assumed responsibility for future generations for the preservation and transfer of knowledge and skills that allow maintaining and multiplying the living space. The Order is based on monarchical principles that allow the affirmation and transfer of titles to the right of the blood of the male line of genus. Clear military discipline within, together with the election of officers of the Order gives an opportunity to be a single and indivisible, holistic organization. The spiritual principle of the Order with its orthodox views on the world, allows you to gain faith and freedom of action. All these three components are integral parts of a single organism called the Sovereign Knight’s Order of Christ the Savior.
The history of the Order is deepened by its roots in the distant Middle Ages. The Order is a successor to the history and traditions of knightly orders, from the baptism of Kievan Rus and from the date of dedication to the knight of the Order, according to the chronicle Rusov – December 25, 1149, to this day, with the preservation of traditions, titles, titles, titles, honors, awards and decorations of these Knight Orders . Such an inherited right to the Order is entrusted to the organization and approved by the state of Ukraine. Conducted scientific researches and academic councils prove the right of our Order to a large stratum of history, starting from 988 years. Part of the document describes the various hikes and the participation of the Order in one or another military campaign. Especially a lot of documents are dated last century. In its history, the Order saw rising dynamics, the birth and decline of empires, conquest and war. All this passed through the flesh and blood of the Order. At times, only a miracle allowed to preserve the organization in the integrity and not succumb to the temptation of power. As a result, one of the principles of the Order is depolitization. The Order does not interfere in the political battles of one or another party (dynasty), one or another country (nation). We know what we want and how it should not be. In its activities, the Order is multidirectional and complex, at the same time it is simple and holistic. The whole experience of the century has laid the foundation of the present Charter and the internal Regulations. The structure of the Order is divided into legislative and executive – Supreme Convent and Magistrate. The highest governing body is the Council, a collection of representatives from the entire Order, which is held once every two years. In the intervals between meetings, the organization is under the guidance of the Grand Master. In its component Order has the Knight’s Honor Judgment, which resolves various controversial issues, the Supervisory Board, which monitors the finances of the Order. One of the main divisions is Heraldic and Award, scientific and economic. The permanent working body is the Great Office, whose responsibilities include the provision and enforcement of decisions. The organization has its own print edition – “Knights of Christ”, websites on the Internet and the KC News News Channel.


The basis of the Order, its main units – the Commander’s. Blood and Flesh organization. The commandership implements the goals and objectives of the organization, conducts a variety of field work from humanitarian assistance to the construction of temples and monasteries. It is on the knights of the Commander’s Office that there is a great responsibility in implementing the plans of the Order, the results of which are judged by the Order as a whole. It is the Knight’s Knight that defines further ways of development, views and methods of the Order. In realizing their rights and freedoms, the representatives of the Commanderate at the meetings of the Supreme Convention or the Magistrate and take those or other decisions that are then implemented. The Order is registered at the state level of Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the USA and other countries on the status of an international organization with the corresponding rights and obligations.
A significant event in the modern history of the Order was the consolidation of rights at the legislative level at the state level: to affirm (give) titles and generic coats of arms with the right to transfer them to inheritance to descendants; to establish new noble, knight’s breeds; determine the right to inherit the titles, generic coats of arms, and awards.
Today we can state that the Knights of Christ fully restored the Sovereign Knight’s Order of Christ the Savior with the necessary legislative base, knight’s traditions and attributes.

God is with us!